Demos and the whole team at Metropolis have been the most pro-active, helpful and responsive Landlords we have ever had, or could have hoped for. We have had many bad experiences with Landlords over the years in London that we moved in without great expectations, but being tenants with then has been a complete dream and really made our experience of renting enjoyable. Any time there were any maintenance issue (which was rarely), they were a phone call away and resolved things straight away on the same day. Maintenance was often carried out to improve the property without us even requesting the improvements, and any contractors they sent were great. The tenant experience was so enjoyable we ended up staying in the same flat for six years, which says it all. I would recommend them very highly to everybody. Thank you Metropolis for a fantastic six years!

Phoebe & Graham Briggs


We lived in a beautiful house in N10 for almost eight years. The only reason we left was because we bought our own home.

We were so settled in the house, it was hard to believe it was rented because the landlords were so amazing in looking after it. We never had to wait for any maintenance (there was little over the years) if it was needed. As soon as I contacted them, they got straight onto it.

We enjoyed a very polite and respectful relationship and our being there as long as we were is a testament to that. If you have ever rented before, you know the pitfalls of a bad landlord ……..have no fear you won’t get that here.

S Carr


I happened to pop into Metropolis by chance and I must say it was the very best thing I could have done. The whole team worked so cohesively, efficiently & professionally it was a true pleasure to have experienced their level of service and attention to detail for the rental of my one bedroom flat. I have been a landlady for many years and it is the first time I have felt truly surprised at the level of real care for the quality of service delivered by an agency and at ease with how helpful and competent Metropolis and the extraordinary team there are. And their fess !?!?- highly competitive.

A true pleasure, cannot thank you enough Metropolis.

Mrs. M Georgiou


Thank you for all your help! I am sure we will pop into the office to say hello if anything comes up. Β Thank you for helping us find our first home πŸ™‚

Olly & Becky


After living in the flat for 20 months, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything. I’ve really enjoyed living here.

Rebecca Bagnall



I was a tenant with First Housing management for five years. Throughout this time, and compared to some other landlords I’ve experienced/heard about from friends, they were great. The team are friendly, reasonable and professional – and always quick to respond if I had queries/issues with my property. I would not hesitate to recommend them to prospective tenants.
β€” Caroline Dapre

I would like to say that we are absolutely delighted with the service that we received from First Housing as a management company throughout the years. WE always received very quick response and someone was always sent promptly to fix any issues. We always had very kind customer service and we are sorry to leave them.
β€” Monica Rossil

Its an enormous bonus having the property managed by First Housing – I’m very appreciative
β€” C. B.

Thank you so much for a lovely two years in this beautiful flat
β€” Sacha McCulloch

We have been very happy in the property and sad to leave.
β€” Dr. Abdel-Mannam

We have had such a great experience in the flat and appreciated all the help we received from you and First Housing.
β€” D. Carr

Nice doing business with you.
β€” M.Blakemore

Thanks again Demos – Its been a pleasure dealing with you over the last couple of years, and we hope you find nice tenants to take our place!
β€” Tim & Patricia

I would like to thank you for all this time and positive experience with First Housing Team.
β€” Honorata Seliwonik & Wiktor Switoniak

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues again for your support during our time at the property. We have thoroughly enjoyed living in the flat … you are the best property management company we have ever had by far …
β€” Lauretta Wilson

We’d like to thank both yourself and Anthony for being very helpful and always eager to help with the very few problems we’ve had over the last 2 years. We would love to be able to stay with First Housing for our next place if a suitable property comes available.
β€” Ross Trigg

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